Expedition Operative and good friend, Tim, invited me on a photo expedition to the Badlands, I couldn’t refuse. I have only scratched the surface in the Badlands and was itching to see more. The plan was to get to Sheep Table Mountain the first night and set up camp.

We made it and set up a great camp in an awesome location. After a great meal of walleye and veggies we planned the next days route.

Day 2: Our route led into the valley below our high camp and 50 miles back into South Dakota plains.

We encountered some mud, which stopped us several times. Several winching operations allowed us to be the first down some trails since the last rain. It was quite a contrast of hard packed earth and mud. Coupled with 85 degree heat and enormous mosquitoes and it was a real adventure.

At the end of the day we decided to retreat back to the previous nights high camp for cooler temps and great views.

This trip was a great opportunity to test out the new National Luna Weekender 50 Fridge/Freezer. The fridge/freezer did a great job. We had fresh fish, veggies, and even ice cream all the way through the four day trip. The refrigerator freezer runs on 12 / 24Vdc and100 – 240Vac power. With Digital thermostat and battery monitor it is a trouble-free convenience you will want on your next expedition.

The next day we headed out for some more exploring, this time further north.  And stopped on the enormous Lake Oahe for the last night of the trip.