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Expedition Ops Shower Mat Expedition Ops Shower Mat Expedition Ops Shower Mat Expedition Ops Shower Mat Expedition Ops Shower Mat Expedition Ops Shower Mat

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Expedition Ops Shower Mat

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We are currently Out of Stock, for the Expedition Ops Shower Mats.  We will be starting up production end of the winter beginning of spring.  Thanks



Expedition Ops Shower Mat: The Back Story

-Use while showering, changing, entering your tent, or any time a clean comfortable place to stand is needed


-Keeps feet free from dirt, mud, sand, and protects sensitive feet from harsh surfaces


-Made of reclaimed redwood, copper (when available), and stainless steel (when available).


-18"x27" standing surface, rolls to 6"x18"


-Redwood dries quickly


-Stainless steel loop on end allows for the mat to be carried, hung and bound easily


-Redwood is an indigenous material to the United States 


-Made and sourced in the USA


The Expedition Ops Shower Mat is designed to help keep your feet sand, mud, disease and debris free.  Use your mat at your camp shower, while changing clothes or shoes, standing barefoot at your camp kitchen, and even while at public campground showers.

While designing the Expedition Ops Shower Mat, the entire life cycle of the materials was taken into consideration.  Each piece is sourced and manufactured domestically. The redwood is reclaimed from old pickle, wine and water tanks and the copper is reclaimed, when  available, from the construction industry. Whenever possible, reclaimed stainless steel is substituted.  No other wood provides the complete performance of redwood for beauty, stability, durability, and resistance to moisture and insects. Redwood is unique, it does not splinter but becomes more "furry" or soft to the touch with age and use.  It’s patina complements the copper.  Each piece of reclaimed redwood has a unique grain resulting in a one-of-a -kind piece of functional art with markings from its previous life.


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