We couldn’t leave it alone!  This was Tim’s trailer in 2009, a very capable M100 Korean War era military 1/4 ton trailer converted for off road use.  I took this beast out to Lockhart Basin, UT and on to the N. Rim of the Grand Canyon, the long way. (as seen at the top of the screen behind myLexus LX450)

The trailer has since been heavily modified, Swing out tire carrier and tailgate redesign, gas can carriers, LED lights, Propane platforms/mud guards, fresh paint,…

There is always something you want to add to your rig, and for Tim, it was a large volume fresh water tank for the trailer.  His camp kitchen is plumbed for water, using a stainless steel sink that has been powered by a 12v pump and modest water tank mounted in his Land Cruiser.  After our last trip to the the South Dakota Badlands, we went through the on board tank pretty fast and had to refill the tank multiple time.

Once the 26 gallon tank had arrived we pulled the trailer contents out and began step one of the install, location and mounting.  When designing the new additions to the trailer, tongue weight was kept in the back of our minds, adding approximately 220lbs of water and tank infront of the axle will help to balance out the added weight of the rear bumper and tire swing out, behind the axle.

Once, the location, attachment method and clearances were determined, we went to town.  The nylon straps offer a benefit of allowing the tank to change shape under expansion and contraction, while still keeping the tank in place.  In front of the tank you’ll notice a small strip of angle iron to keep other gear from sliding into the tank.

We mounted a small 12v fresh water pump to the top of the tank and the draw hose.  In the next few stages we will be plumbing the trailer and wiring in the pump.

Due to these modifications, a new camp kitchen is in order.  The current back-country kitchen is 6′ long and doesn’t have room to ride in the back of the trailer with the new fresh water tank.  This beauty may be up for sale here real soon!

Thanks for following along.  If you are interested in where we sourced the parts or would like to for us to install items into your own vehicle, let us know.  We’d be more than happy to share some information!

See you on the trails,