Expedition Ops Tacoma Prototype Bumper

One of our Expedition Operatives, John, from Colorado Springs, came by the shop for a visit recently. The rear bumper on his Tacoma was showing signs of wear. So over the next 12 days, we designed and fabricated an awesome replacement. The goal of the new bumper was to free up space under the truck for storage; increase departure angle, shift weight rearwards, add a carrier holding 2 jerrycan capable of 10 gallons of gas, and free up space for a storage system in the bed of the truck. Here are the results!
Expedition Ops Tacoma Prototype Custom Bumper

The new bumper has a receiver hitch and two recovery points in the main bumper. Side body protection was also incorporated and then tied to the frame, increasing the bumper mounting from 4 bolts to 8 . Some manufacturers will use only the main bumper shell to support the receiver, we didn’t feel that was enough, so we added a cross brace that sits almost at the frame ends and then gusseted the cross brace to the receiver.

The swing out is on one spindle. A main beam that carries the brunt of the weight is a 2”x3”x3/16” steel tube with a ladder structure tying the gas can and spare carriers together.

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Johnny and Jeremy