Great Awning!

I received our first Eezi-Awn Series 2000 awning as a sample for our upcoming Midwest Mountaineering Outdoor Expo.  This thing is fantastic.  First impressions when I pulled it out of the box was how clean the anodyzed aluminum looks, the awning material is very stout and looks like it will hold up to the beating I’ll give it.  After the excitement of pulling it out of the package, I set out to make some mounts for the awning.  I just grabbed some scrap steel I had laying around and fabbed these up real quick and they work great.

Eezi-Awn Mount installed back sideEezi-Awn Awning Mounts

I took a section of 2″x3″ steel tube and cut it at opposing corners to give myself two angles. Next, I drilled a hole, slightly over sized of the aluminum welt (round cylinder) that you see on the back side of the awning case, in a piece of 3/16″ bar stock.  I cut the bar stock to match the profile of the awning case and clipped the edge of the hole to allow the mount to slide on the welt.  Once, everything was tacked in place, I drilled holes for the Stainless U-bolt that fits around the Yakima rack and a hole for the bolts in the bottom of the awning case.  The bolts on the bottom have been trimmed down to a respectable length.

I designed the mounts this way to utilize the strength of the welt and to put the new holes on the bottom of the awning case.  We can get Eezi-Awn mounting brackets for the awnings in two different styles; Gutter and an L-bracket.  Both are aluminum and are where I received my inspiration for how to mount this awning.  If you are in need of a mount for your awning, give us a call or shoot us an email, we might be able to help out.  I’m going to test how this rides for the next few weeks and I may add gussets to the back side of the brackets if I see a need to.

Eezi-Awn Series 2000 2.5M on a Lexus LX450 ClosedDoor clearance

Setting up the awning was a snap, I even timed myself… 2 minutes.  If you have 2 people its less than half the time.  Packing it away is a little longer, I didn’t want to scratch my paint.  After this weekend at the Outdoor Expo, I should be even faster.  We’ll also let you know how the fabric handles in 20 degree weather, we won’t need shade but we’ll have it!

As always let us know if you have questions or if you have a better way to mount an awning!