A Canadian Customer called and asked us to get his 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed ready for Overlanding.  After, several consultations calls with us, he was armed with some info and some options to choose his direction and priorities. Utilizing high quality Old Man Emu suspension, MAXTRAX, 4x Innovation Bolt-on Sliders, Eezi-Awn T-Top 1600 Roof Top Tent and an Expedition Ops Designs Low Height Bed Rack, we were able to take his Tacoma stock the ready to roll in the backcountry.  He arranged tires and powder coating back in Saskatchewan, allowing us to deliver a quick turnaround for he and his new Expo Rig.

The truck showed up completely stock.

The Bed Rack sketch below was fabricated.

The Expedition Ops Designs Low Height Bed Rack being test fit.

Detail view of the MAXTRAX and modular quick mount

And Finished.  Eezi-Awn T-Top 1600 mounted on the Expedition Ops Designs Low Height Bed Rack, MAXTRAX mounted on the sides below, Old Man Emu suspension, and 4x Innovations Bolt-on Tacoma Sliders installed and mounted.